It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my writing here in any concrete way…mostly because I stopped writing sometime back in January.

You see, I came down with whooping cough right at the start of my final academic semester of graduate school. Other health problems showed up that were just as bad as that semester went on, but that was how the year started. I knew then that I had to make some hard choices, and one of the main ones was whether I would keep at my writing career while in the midst of a health crisis and a critical academic hurdle.

The answer was no.

I put everything away during the spring semester (I took three courses) and the summer semester (where I did a full-time internship), expecting to pick back up again quickly once life evened out. That was the plan and I suppose it worked as intended, because I did not die and I did graduate. SCORE!

Anyway, I’ve returned to the main stories I was working on. The longest one and the one closest to being finished is called The Protector and is a paranormal romance set in modern day (sort of?) about weredog bonded pairs (sort of?). It’s at 70k words and might get to 80k by the time I’m done with some filler scenes and editing. It goes to my editor next week, and I hope to have it submitted before the month is out.

I’m also starting work on a fantasy were-dragons M/F/M polyamorous romance story that I’ve been planning for while now. It, uh, still needs an antagonist. *jazz hands* But that one I plan to self publish, hopefully by the holidays. Should be an adventure!

There are other stories that are at various stages of completion. Essentially, 2012 was a wash for my publishing career, but for valid reasons. Now, though, I’m back and ready to rumble. 2013 will be MY YEAR.

Join me! \o/



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