Accismus – in Higher Learning

Genre: M/M contemporary; short story in the anthology Higher Learning

Description: Charlie Harper, RhetComp student, has had a crush on the handsome, popular, straight frat boy Lance Milton since they were both undergrads. Lance graduated first, and in the following two years Charlie thought he had recovered from the hopeless crush. He was wrong: when starting graduate studies in Rhetoric and Composition, Charlie runs into Lance again during the teacher’s assistant training program, which Lance teaches. Lance remembers Charlie and starts up a friendship that is fueled by a shared love of a local coffeeshop, but does Lance have a hidden motive? Does Charlie? Or are they both too clever for their own good?

Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61372-123-0
Dreamspinner Press; released October 17, 2011
At: Dreamspinner Press; Amazon

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