What you will find here:

  • Information on my current/upcoming stories and links to reviews of those stories, as well as where to buy them and other publishing info.
  • Updates on my WIPs.
  • Libraries! I love writing about libraries and often write posts about amazing libraries from around the world.
  • Ponderings on issues related to information technology and text technology, covering topics such as the history of the book, changes in the publishing industry, big data, copyright, and digital humanities.
  • Fandom and fanfiction – I’m “out from fanfiction” and I embrace that. You can try to shame me for it but that won’t stick.
  • Essays about the erotica/porn business, mostly featuring my own opinions.
  • More of my own opinions about a lot of stuff. I’m opinionated. Some people don’t like that, but their discomfort is not my problem. The lack of social justice, equality, civil rights, and world peace ARE my problems, and I own that. I don’t always do social justice well, but I try.
  • I’m a feminist. Either you believe all people are equal, or you don’t, and if you don’t, then go away, I don’t like you. Deal-breaker.
  • If you want to know more about me, visit my bio page!
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