RANDOM HEALTH UPDATE! Because you care!

I’m two weeks into being completely sugar free (outside of natural sugars found in vegetables, nuts, and fruit). The deadly lethargy and brain fog have dialed back, and I’m hoping will lift completely here soon. Clothes? A little looser, but since I don’t weigh myself I don’t know exactly how much I’ve lost (some of which is water weight, no doubt).

Why would I attempt this madness, you ask????

When I was eating paleo I still ate lots of carbs in the forms of starchy vegetables, and sugars like honey and maple syrup. I’d allow for “cheat days” where as long as I stayed gluten-free, I could eat whatever I wanted (including ice cream, potato chips, etc.). This all backfired profoundly, and after nearly a year of going strict paleo, cheating, slacking off entirely, then going strict paleo again I knew I had a problem. That problem, I’ve concluded after various “self administered experiments”, is sugar addiction. 🙁

So while I’m still following paleo for the most part (no grains, no legumes, no vegetable oils) I’m actually practicing a “ketogenic” diet. If you’ve heard horror stories about unhealthy that is, first let me say I’m not diabetic, and two, I value my own health even more than you do. Those horror stories are not actually correct, and I’ve done a lot of research so I’m comfortable in saying that with authority. I’m not saying it’s the right solution for everybody, but for me, it’s definitely something worth trying in order to break my body of “the sugar habit.”

I’m giving this a full 30 day run through before I decide if it accomplishes what I need it to do and, more importantly, if is sustainable. Diets don’t work, people. Not for health, and not for weight loss. The only thing that works is a food paradigm that you can stick to year in, year out; feel good on; not feel hungry on; and that improves your overall health.

I’m feeling good, the keto/carb flu seems to (finally! damn!) be in retreat, and I found that I have more energy throughout the day. Eating lots of bacon is just a bonus. 😉

I’ll keep you posted.


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