Sunday Six headerKEEP IN MIND: Sunday Six pullouts are by their nature spoilery. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read!

More from the WIP “Parker” (yes yes, still with the lousy working title), the next novel in the Guardsmen’verse. If you can’t get enough of Guardsmen just by this alone, be sure to check out the still-expanding Guardsmen’verse Wiki!

This is from part 2, scene 17, where two very familiar characters (!!!!) are trying to talk to Greg about what might be going on:

“Sure.” Greg nodded, his brain on automatic, still stuck on the phrase “mating urge” and all the feelings that bubbled up around it. He had seen Parker as a man for just a few moments, not long enough to make any kind of impression, and it was difficult to reconcile that with the dog he had been taking care of.

Alex opened the front door and peered inside. “How is he? His heart rate is fast.”

“Are you going to behave?” Marcus asked instead of answering.


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