‘Damaged Goods’ is available!

This one got delayed a bit in re-writes, but it’s a better story for it. It’s out now!

It’s a labor of love, a contemporary romance about two very mismatched guys who somehow try to make things work despite their epic trust issues and, well, issues. They are both sweethearts though and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Professor Jesse Ford feels like a failure in both love and life. He’s moved home to live over his mother’s garage after his previous relationship ended in heartbreak and a minor academic scandal, derailing his career. Tired and disappointed, he holes up to lick his wounds and concentrate on his next book, determined to avoid anything having to do with love or romance.

Jesse starts to change his mind when he meets Templeton, the beautiful and engaging punk rocker working as a short order cook at their small town’s popular diner. Templeton, a talented musician, is back in town after escaping from his abusive boyfriend back in Seattle where they had tried to start a band. Encouraged by friends and family, Jesse and Templeton realize they can’t fight their mutual attraction.

The two men from very different worlds decide they might have a chance, but they find their tentative romance threatened by the many secrets Templeton is keeping, and Jesse’s own bruised heart. When Templeton’s dangerous ex shows up, both Templeton and Jesse have to decide whether their fledgling relationship can withstand facing the demons of their pasts.


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tumblr recap!

Here’s what happened on my tumblr this week, sad and happy and sexy:

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tumblr recap!

This was a banner week for me on tumblr – I hit 300+ followers, which is a new thing for  me. Might seem paltry to some but I’m really honored that this many people feel like participating in my madness! To be fair, I got a lot of these followers due to what is my […]

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Newsletter upgrade!

My “newsletter” as such hasn’t existed, but I’m kicking it off this weekend as a weekly sendout. Which could be really boring if it were just rehashing things I did here and on tumblr, but NO! It will actually be a little “members only” style thang – it will talk about WIPs (original and fanfic), as […]

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Damaged Goods – coming soon!

cover - Damaged Goods

My next release is another M/M novel, Damaged Goods. I don’t have an exact date yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I get one. Meanwhile, have a blurb and a cover! Jesse finds himself living in the garage apartment above his mother’s garage, feeling like a professional failure after a minor academic […]

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Tumblr recap!

I post A LOT on tumblr, mostly reblogging tbh but a few of my own things, so I’m going to start a new weekly series here on the “official” blog recapping a few of the more interesting posts that I made or that came my way from others. Biggest news is that I actually started […]

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What Fandom Has Taught Me About: Having a Niche

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Everything I learned from Fandom

One of the more powerful tools in an author’s arsenal is the act of finding your niche. What fandom has taught me about this, though, is that it is not defined the way most people think it is. For instance, a particular fandom might be considered a niche, especially if it is small. Hot Fuzz, […]

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What fandom has taught me about popularity, Pt. 2

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Everything I learned from Fandom

Part one was about how a fan’s popularity in a fandom is usually tied to how much they invest themselves into the community, without expecting a return on that outside of their own enjoyment of being a fan. Here in part two, I’m going to talk about why that is so effective, and what authors […]

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Free book! ‘Homecoming’ free this week!

cover test-svg-3-SM

Hey ho! My book Homecoming, a M/F/M werebear/werewolf story is free this week! FREE! I’m stoked, so please head over to Amazon and download it! Share! Spread the word!   SUMMARY: Ursula Price (Sula) has never known anything but instability in her life as the werebear daughter of a werebear. All she knows with certainty […]

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Homecoming is out on Amazon!

Homecoming cover

I just published my new M/F/M paranormal romance, Homecoming, on Amazon. It’s available exclusively on Kindle right now but I’ll be expanding that reach in a few months. This is a personal project of mine, and I’ve worked hard on it over the past year. It’s the first in a series of at least two […]

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